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This will be the first in a series of short articles I’m going to write that are basically just thoughts that I want to be able to share easily.

So confession time: I like some bad things.  By bad, I generally mean ‘low-quality’ or ‘low-effort’.  For instance, I like Ke$ha’s music quite a bit.  I don’t think it’s very good music, but I enjoy listening to it.  I don’t think that my enjoyment of bad things is a bad thing iteself though.  That’s because there’s a difference between enjoying something, and believe it to be of high quality.

This is pretty much exactly what Guilty Pleasures are.  The difference is that I don’t feel any need to be guilty about them.  I know they suck, but I like them anyways.  This can be in the form of bad food, bad music, bad movies, even distasteful jokes!  The important thing is remembering that your opinion or enjoyment of something doesn’t need to be that thing’s quality.  The inverse is true as well.  There are plenty of things that are almost universally considered to be great, but I just don’t like them. Platformer games are an example of this for me.

So remember that “I like this” and “I think this is good” are not the same thing.  You’re allowed to like crappy thing, and you’re allowed to dislike good things.  Just don’t let your enjoyment of a bad thing (or even a good thing) affect your life in bad ways, and you’re golden.

  1. I’ve seen some interesting things that imply that there are some very subtle and clever things about it and Ke$ha’s persona, but I don’t know how true or reasonable they are.

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